Date of Award

Summer 8-27-2021

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Public Relations


Gaggin, Kelly C.

Subject Categories

Communication | Social and Behavioral Sciences


This study explored the levels of interaction from international students through the utilization of health and wellness resources at the Barnes Center at The Arch. This study focuses on establishing which service topics are most utilized and which are least utilized, as well as the channels of communications through which international students have found or interacted with information about these services and topics. The five topics and services that this study explored are as follows: Mental Health, Sexual Health & Safety, Alcohol & Drug Awareness, Healthcare, and Recreation. This study found that Healthcare and Recreation had the highest levels of utilization now or in the future, while Alcohol & Drug Awareness and Sexual Health & Safety had the lowest utilization now or in the future. Chinese students and female-identifying students were the highest numbers of participants. The study also found that international students prefer newsletters and emails, as well as social media such as Instagram and Facebook when receiving information about health and wellness services and topics. This study includes recommendations on how to incorporate communications strategies to incorporate the findings as well as areas for further research.


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Communication Commons



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