Date of Award

Summer 8-27-2021

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


African American Studies


Smith, Danielle Taana



Subject Categories

African Studies | International and Area Studies | Social and Behavioral Sciences


This research focuses on providing findings on the level of income disparity among construction workers in Kenya. The research has placed much of its emphasis on laborers working within the Nairobi metropolitan area and its surrounding areas, which have the largest groups of people representing construction workers in Kenya. It galvanizes mathematical principles to calculate income disparity gaps that result from economic policies and business practices in Kenya. This research seeks to contribute to the body of knowledge that can be used to establish a minimum wage for the construction worker in Kenya, by demonstrating how awareness of the existence of oppression as well as knowledge about the need to have collective bargaining labor rights can help to curb the exploitation of human capital in any given industry. The importance of this study is to present initial evidence on exploitation in the construction sector in the Nairobi metropolitan area, with the intention of creating the need for more research into the economic welfare of construction laborers. Finally, it is anticipated that the conclusions of this study will further drive the agenda of the existing construction workers' organizations and instigate the formation of initiatives that are geared towards protecting construction workers from exploitation and oppression.


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