Date of Award

June 2020

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Master of Science (MS)


Biomedical and Chemical Engineering


Shikha Nangia

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The intestines are an integral part of homeostasis and vital functions that occur throughout the body via the mechanisms of the epithelial barrier. Deficiencies in the intestinal epithelial barrier corresponds with intestinal pathologies and mental disorders. Interestingly, the effectiveness of the barrier function is correlated with a family of transmembrane proteins known as claudin. Alterations of expression of claudin-3 and -23, which are known barrier-forming proteins, occur during the presentation of intestinal pathologies. Investigating how these proteins act using experimental methods presents many difficulties. Therefore, we will be using advances in computational modeling to study the assembly of claudin-3 and -23. By analyzing, the behavior of these proteins we can gain new insight on the mechanisms of transports and communication in the gut and to the rest of the body as wells as understand the molecular origins of intestinal disorders.


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Engineering Commons



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