The Syntax of Multiple Internal Arguments in Turkish


Sozen Ozkan

Date of Award


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Master of Arts (MA)


Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics


Omer Preminger


applicative, argument structure, double object construction, syntax, Turkish

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In this thesis, I investigate internal arguments in Turkish, focusing on the double object constructions (DOC). I show that Turkish DOCs are high applicative structures following the analysis of Pylkkänen (2008). The present thesis is also concerned with how the syntax of such constructions yields the underlying structure for the two internal arguments: Goal and Theme.

Within this study, I try to gather certain previous analysis on DOCs and propose a new analysis for Turkish DOCs particularly. Via empirical tests including binding relations of the internal arguments, I claim that Turkish DOCs consist an underlying hierarchy of Goal over Theme. Concordantly, an Optional Overt A-movement derives the surface forms in which the Theme precedes the Goal. As far as the syntax of applicatives is concerned, my analysis brings a consistent explanation for the DOCs in Turkish by showing that causatives and passives do not counter-exemplify the overall analysis as well.

The system I end up with is more relativized on DOCs and applicatives than previous accounts, as it makes use of more factors to capture the syntax of applicatives. If correct, the present thesis offers empirical arguments for various theoretical points including the facts that Turkish DOCs are high applicatives, the Goal is over the Theme underlyingly, and the Goal is ineligible for A-movement in Turkish in the syntax of Turkish.


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