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Killed Top To Bottom



Lnle do the well-meaning faculty members of Whitten College understand that TV executive Matt Cobb is, in truth, a high-level corporate snoop and trouble-shooter. Cobb is the protaganist of five novels by William DeAndrea. A sixth is coming soon. The fictitious Whitten College, the town of Sewanka, and some of the characters featured in this story were first created for DeAndrea's Killed \o/'ith a Passion, published in 1983. Other Cobb books are Killed in the Ratings (1978), Killed in the Aa(1981), Passion, Killed on the Ice (1984), and Killed in Paradise (1988; due in paperback this summer). DeAndrea is the author of 14 books in all, including The HOG Murders (1979) and a four-part spy series that includes Cronus (1984), Snark (1985), Azrael (1986), and the upcoming Atropos. DeAndrea, who lives and works in Watertown, Connecticut, received a bachelor's degree from the Newhouse School in 1974. Two of his novels, Killed in the Ratings and The HOG Murders, received Edgar Allan Poe Awards for mystery fiction.

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