A Pacifist Community in Peacetime: An Introductory Description of the Woodcrest Bruderhof at Rifton, New York

Date of Award


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Doctor of Social Science (DSS)


Social Sciences


Douglas G. Haring


Behavior, Thought patterns

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


The following study is an introductory description of typical behavior and thought patterns of individuals at the Woodcrest "Bruderhof." I have felt my primary obligation in this work to be expository; there is little attempt here to compare the Bruderhof with other "intentional" communities, although the community's intimate relations with the other bruderhoefe of course are discussed. Second in importance, at this stage, I place the social and moral implications of the study. Theoretical considerations, finally, are barely touched upon because not only is a satisfactory framework for such analysis not available, but I feel that 49 days of observation -- even supplemented by documentary work -- do not constitute an adequate basis for far reaching scientific generalizations.


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