Society and nature: Alternative models from the environmental movement

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Social Sciences


Ralph A. Sanders


sustainable development, ecodevelopment, deep ecology, social ecology, ecofeminism

Subject Categories

Environmental Public Health | Environmental Sciences


The realization that industrial capitalism has caused both serious damage to the human environment and enormous social inequalities has led many in the environmental movement to call for significant changes in how society is structured and how it relates to its environment. This work examines five such sets of ideas: Sustainable Development, Ecodevelopment, Deep Ecology, Social Ecology and Ecofeminism. Each model is examined with regards to its philosophical foundation and social content, as well as what it sees as the economic relationships that would be found in an ideal society. The work concludes with an attempt to point out the similarities that occur between the models and an attempt to arrive at a synthesis of the various models.


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