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Research development is growing in many ways – both as a profession and as a common substructure among institutions of higher education. NORDP itself has helped to support the establishment, fostering, and recognition of the many forms research development has taken, while growing in tandem as an organization. Leadership and representatives from large centralized RD units have contributed to and benefited from the model of peer education, support and mentorship NORDP provides, as have the individuals who serve as one-man or one-woman shops for smaller schools or colleges. At Syracuse University, NORDP has served as the impetus for the development of a new model of research development support, the combined centralized and distributed “SU RD team.”

In the spring of 2018, Syracuse University (SU) added a research development unit to the University’s Office of Research, to coordinate activities across the institution. The growth of the office has been slow in size, but the number of activities supported have been significant, such as the fostering of a new, large intramural funding program, a staggering growth in limited submission competitions, and the doubling of grant- and research-related training opportunities on campus. This level of activity, as well as a successful campus-wide adoption of these initiatives, is directly attributable to the University’s unique employment of a team of research development professionals, comprised of members of the centralized Office of Research, and from the Dean’s offices of five of the eleven degree granting schools and colleges at SU.

The proposed poster will provide a written and visual representation of this network of RD professionals within one institution, as a case study designed to share best practices of intra-university research development collaborations. Emphasis will be placed on regular shared activities between team members, which both support and stem from the close, working relationships developed in the team.

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