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Book repair, manual, circulating collections, page repair, hinge tightening, tip-in, spine repair, pamphlets




Archival Science | Art and Materials Conservation | Art Practice | Book and Paper | Library and Information Science


The audience for this manual are work-study students and library technicians working charged with repairing items from our circulating book collection. Be careful because a repair done incorrectly can cause more harm than good if you are not sure don’t do it. Never be afraid to ask, no question is too small.

It is important to maintain control over your work. Work should be neat and organized. When new staff is hired they are trained by an experienced person and given manuals for reference. Each employee’s work is reviewed periodically to be certain that they understand the principles and techniques of book repair. This manual can be referred to if you are unsure of a step in the repair process.

The treatment of rare books and special collections materials is outside the scope of this manual. If you are planning on working with these types of materials please consult a conservator.

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