Photon spectroscopy of heavy quarkonia

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Tomasz Skwarnicki


Quarkonia, Branching ratios, Bottomonium

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Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Physics


We have studied the inclusive photon spectrum in [Special characters omitted.] (2 S ), Υ(2 S ), and Υ(3 S ) decays using the CLEO III detector. We present the most precise measurements of electric dipole (E1) photon transition rates and photon energies for [Special characters omitted.] (2 S ) [arrow right] γχ cJ (1 P ), Υ(2 S ) [arrow right] γχ cJ (1 P ), and Υ(3 S ) [arrow right] γχ bJ (2 P ) ( J = 0, 1, 2). The rate for rare E1 transition, Υ(3 S ) [arrow right] γχ b0 (1 P ) is measured for the first time. We also confirm the hindered magnetic dipole (M1) transition, [Special characters omitted.] (2 S ) [arrow right] γη c (1 S ). However, the direct M1 transition [Special characters omitted.] (2 S ) [arrow right] γη c (2 S ) observed by the Crystal Ball as a narrow peak at a photon energy of 91 MeV is not found in our data.

We have also searched for the spin-singlet bottomonium states η b (1 S ) and η b (2 S ) via the hindered magnetic dipole (M1) photon transitions Υ(3 S ) [arrow right] γη b (1 S ), Υ(3 S ) [arrow right] γη b (2 S ); and Υ(2 S ) [arrow right] γη b (1 S ). No evidence for such transitions are found. We set upper limits on the branching ratios which rule out some of the theoretical calculations.


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