Search for light Higgs in radiative decays of Upsilon(1 S)

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Higgs boson, NMSSM, Upsilon, Energy

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Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Physics


We have searched for non-SM-like CP-odd Higgs-boson ([Special characters omitted.] ) with [Special characters omitted.] < 2 m b in radiative decays of the Υ(1 S ), using 21.5M Υ(1 S ) mesons directly produced in e + e - annihilation. We investigate [Special characters omitted.] [arrow right] τ + τ - and [Special characters omitted.] [arrow right] μ + μ - decay channels. No significant signal is found. We obtain upper limits on the product of [Special characters omitted.] (Υ(1 S ) [arrow right] γ[Special characters omitted.] ) and [Special characters omitted.] ([Special characters omitted.] [arrow right] τ + τ - ) or [Special characters omitted.] ([Special characters omitted.] [arrow right] μ + μ - ). Our τ + τ - results are almost two orders of magnitude more stringent than previous upper limits. Our data provides no evidence for a Higgs state decaying to μ + μ - , with a mass of 214 MeV. Existence of such state was previously proposed as an explanation for 3 Σ + [arrow right] p μ + μ - events, with μ + μ - mass just above the kinematic threshold, claimed by the HyperCP experiment. Our results constrain NMSSM mode.


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