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library instruction, assessment, knowledge acquisition, retention, biology, science research




Library and Information Science


This study assessed the effectiveness of one-shot library instruction sessions on knowledge acquisition and retention in Biology undergraduate students. In early Spring 2018 semester, the students enrolled in six sessions of Bio 112 at Adelphi University attended library instruction classes to learn about scientific literature. One-shot library instruction sessions were conducted to teach students in each section how to identify research, review and popular science magazine articles. A post-instruction test was conducted in late April and early May, 2018, to determine whether the students retained information from library instruction classes. The responses from both pre- and post-instruction sessions were compared to assess whether Bio 112 students’ knowledge about scientific literature had improved. This study shows that BIO 112 students were benefited from one-shot library instruction sessions. Many students were able to retain information and improved their knowledge about research and review articles.

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Presentation given at the 2018 Meeting of the Upstate New York Science Librarians, held at Bird Library, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.

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