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Fall 11-2-2018


application, application building, computer science, collaboration, academic libraries




Library and Information Science


Academic libraries are the most diverse departments on campus. Librarians offer knowledge from various disciplines. Students not only benefit from this knowledge. They can gain real world experience from project collaboration with librarians. One way to reach out to students of computer science and engineering is to create a projects that centers on an application for libraries. This could be an internal application or open application for the library community. This presentation will discuss how one librarian has brought forward these real world projects. That has given students experience that allowed them to successfully gain employment in their fields. Attendees will see how easy a project can be implemented and run. Requiring little to no funding. Attendees will also see how any librarian can tap into this valuable resource that students possess.

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Presentation given at 2018 meeting of Upstate New York Science Librarians, held at Bird Library, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.

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