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What skills and network do undergraduates need to successfully join a research collaboration that matches their abilities and interests? During the 2015-16 academic year, librarians at the University of Rochester River Campus Libraries prototyped and refined Taking Control of Your Research Path, an eight-week/one-hour-per-week workshop. This workshop series covered a process for success: identifying one's own research interests, learning about the work of researchers and research groups, building skills in elevator pitches and informational interviewing, networking with peers advisors and finally interviewing with potential research groups. The Libraries can't provide a full perspective on undergraduate research alone. Experts across the University provided participants with critical information at each stage of the process. We worked with the Office of Undergraduate Research, the College Center for Advising Services, the Career & Internship Center, and academic departments. In the end, the workshop resulted in several students joining research groups at an early stage. The rest left with clear direction and acute knowledge of their goals.

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