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InfoMall, Technology transfer program, Virtual organizations, Rome Laboratory, Air Force Materiel Command, Pilot studies, Systems engineering, Computer communications




Technology and Innovation


This document describes: the InfoMall concept; how it is employed by the Northeast Parallel Architectures center (NPAC) as a technology transfer program, how it could be used by Rome Laboratory and by the United States Air Force Materiel Command (US AFMC). A description of the “Electronic InfoMall” system built on the World Wide Web as a pilot project for Rome Laboratory is also given as well as some experiences building WWW systems for academic, commerce and industry. It should be emphasized that this document is primarily a description of the potential uses of the InfoMall concept and the human interactive processes involved in InfoMall and is not primarily about the HPCC technologies that make the InfoMall process work. These technologies are well described elsewhere although we summarize their main features in this document.

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