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Master of Arts (MA)


Media Studies


Carla Lloyd


action sport, branding, marketing, Nike, Skateboarding, subculture

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Marketing | Sports Studies


Skateboarding is widely regarded as a subculture that is highly resistant to any type of integration or co-option from large, mainstream companies. In 2002 Nike entered the skateboarding market with its Nike SB line of shoes, and since 2004 has experienced tremendous success within the skateboarding culture. During its early years Nike experienced a great deal of backlash from the skateboarding community, but has recently gained wider acceptance as a legitimate company within this culture. The purpose of this study is to examine the specific aspects of authenticity Nike was able achieve in order to successfully integrate into skateboarding. In order to investigate the case of Nike SB specifically, the concept of company authenticity within skateboarding must first be clarified as well. This study involved an electronic survey of skateboarders. This survey examined the various aspects of authenticity that are most important for skateboard companies, as well as skateboarders' attitudes about Nike SB as a skate shoe company. Through this research, a better overall understanding of the concept of authenticity within the skateboard culture was developed.


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