An immersion curriculum for language and culture: Spanish Discovery 1492-1992

Date of Award


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Doctor of Arts (DA)


Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics


Harold Jones


Language arts, Secondary education, European history

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Curriculum and Instruction


Spanish Discovery 1492-1992 is a language and culture immersion curriculum designed for implementation as a two-week program of the Concordia Language Villages (Moorhead, MN). The curriculum consists of a series of communicative units of language instruction related to travel in Spain and a cultural/historical study that focuses selectively on 500 years of Spanish history. Key instructional materials, strategies and activities are specified in relation to both the communicative units and the cultural/historical study. The curriculum is prefaced by an overview of language camp immersion programs in the United States and a discussion of the principal features of the proposed Spanish Discovery program. In turn, it is followed by considerations of assignments, evaluation and applications to other educational settings. The first Spanish Discovery Program based on this curriculum will take place August 13-25, 1990 at the Concordia Spanish Language Village.


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