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Sir Richard Francis Burton; Alice Mary Norton; John G. Neihardt; Asa Eastwood




Arts and Humanities


Open for Research... Notes on Collections

The letters of Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821-1890), with two article-essays and two book reviews, have been prepared for research use in the George Arents Research Library. In 1842, the British explorer and Orientalist traveled to India, where he began his lifelong study of Eastern languages, societies and customs. He continued to travel through the following years, experiencing many adventures including his journey to Mecca in disguise, made famous by his Pilgrimage to Medinah and Mecca, published in 1893. During the 1850's Sir Richard explored the interior of Somali and traveled to the sources of the Nile. He also served as consul under the British foreign service in Fernando Po, Brazil, Damascus and Trieste. In his later years he wrote many travel books and translated Eastern works. ...

News of the Library and Library Associates

Dr. Howard L. Applegate, formerly Executive Secretary of library Associates, has resigned his position as Assistant Director of libraries for Special Collections and Development and Director of the George Arents Research Library and has accepted a position as Director of the Balch Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Applegate and his family left for Philadelphia at the end of August. Mr. Warren N. Boes, Director of Libraries at Syracuse University, will carry the responsibilities of the Executive Secretary. ...


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