David Tatham

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Fall 1973


Fine Arts, Syracuse University, Everson Museum




Arts and Humanities


1973 marks the centennial of the founding of the College of Fine Arts at Syracuse University, the first degree-granting college of its kind in America1 and in many respects the model for most of the American programs in fine arts education of the last quarter of the nineteenth century. The College of Fine Arts no longer exists as an entity - it was formally dissolved in 1945 - but those schools, departments, and programs which carryon its work still bear something of the stamp of the college's founder, George Fisk Comfort (1833-1910). His long career, at Syracuse and elsewhere, as a scholar, educator, and organizer of the arts was devoted to nothing less than elevating the cultural level of his nation and moving it ever closer to the high level of civilization he was confident it would one day attain. At the close of his life he could claim three monuments to his labors as an advocate for the arts: the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Syracuse University College of Fine Arts, and the Syracuse (now Everson) Museum of Art. His contribution in each case was not in dollars but in ideas and unremitting labor.


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