Edmund B. Chaffee and the Labor Temple

Dugald Chaffee

The Courier. Syracuse University Library Associates. Vol. XI, number 1.


Edmund Bigelow Chaffee served a ministry that was tailored and molded by New York City's Labor Temple. The Temple, the Temple School, and the American International Church were, with the exception of four years after seminary, the focus of his life and work. For although he did many things across the years - among them, editing the Presbyterian Tribune (an independent church magazine), writing a syndicated column for the Scripps-Howard newspapers, lecturing to the intellectually sophisticated and teaching the undergraduate and graduate generations - he did them all while serving his first love. Above all else he was the Director of the Labor Temple on Manhattan's Lower East Side and Pastor of the American International Church housed in the same building. He was concerned about those "masses of men and women who have to work for their living." His reputation and his influence were keyed to his work. Here theory met practice. Here faith and works came together.