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Franz Leopold Ranke, the Ranke Library at Syracuse, and the Open Future ofScientific History By Siegfried Baur, Post-Doctoral Fellow. Thyssen Foundation of Cologne, Germany Baur pays tribute to "the father of modern history," whose twenty-ton library crossed the Atlantic in 1888, arriving safely at Syracuse University. After describing various myths about Ranke, Baur recounts the historian's struggle to devise, in the face of accepted fictions about the past, a source-based approach to the study of history.

Librarianship in the Twenty-First Century By Patricia M. Battin, Former Vice President and University Librarian, Columbia University Battin urges academic libraries to "imagine the future from a twenty-first century perspective." To flourish in a digital society, libraries must transform themselves, intentionally and continuously, through managing information resources, redefining roles of information professionals, and nourishing future leaders.

Manuscripts Processing at Syracuse: An Insider's View By Kathleen Manwaring, Manuscripts Processor Syracuse University Library After explaining the specialness ofspecial collections, Manwaring compares the processing ofbooks and serials, with their preselected, preorganized content, to the processing ofmanuscripts, which "reflect the chaos inherent in real life." The latter requires "total immersion" in order to "discover and reflect the underlying structure ofthe individual's life experience" while making his or her papers accessible to scholars.

African Americans and Education: A Study ofArna Bontemps ByJoseph Downing Thompson Jr. , Director John Hope Franklin Research Center for African and African-American Documentation, Duke University Using the life and work ofArna Bontemps as a case in point, Thompson examines the relationship between the formation ofracial identity and the culture of educational institutions themselves, not merely the intellectual, cultural, and political traditions imparted by them.

Black Abolitionists of Central New York: An Intimate Circle ofActivism By Bonnie Ryan, Associate Librarian 101 Reference Department, Syracuse University Library In the spring of1999 Ryan curated an exhibition in E. S. Bird Library tided "Intimate Circles ofActivism: Abolitionists ofCentral New York, 1830-1860." This article, an offshoot ofthe exhibition, focuses on letters to activist and philanthropist Gerrit Smith from certain African American abolitionists.

Stephen Crane's Inamorata: The Real Amy Leslie By Charles Yanikoski, Independent Scholar Harvard, Massachusetts In 1896 Stephen Crane had a love affair with a woman named Amy Leslie. Was she a denizen ofthe New York underworld, as many scholars have maintained? Or was she, as Yanikoski argues, a Chicago actress, theater critic, and celebrity? 117 135 Some Unpublished Oscar Wilde Letters By Ian Small, Professor of English Literature University ofBirmingham, England Oscar Wilde scholar Ian Small provides the historical context offour Wilde letters held in the Syracuse University Library.

Cultural History and Comics Auteurs: Cartoon Collections at Syracuse University Library By Chad Wheaton, Doctoral Student in History, 143 Syracuse University With Carolyn A. Davis, Reader Services Librarian 159 Syracuse University Library Department of Special Collections After discussing the importance ofthe comics as a subject for scholarly study, Wheaton describes selected cartoonists and genres represented in Syracuse University Library's cartoon collection. Carolyn Davis provides a complete list of the Library's cartoon holdings.

Marya Zaturenska's Depression Diary, 1933-1935 By Mary Beth Hinton, Editor Syracuse University Library Associates Courier Selections from the diary ofthe poet Marya Zaturenska reveal her struggles as a woman and an artist, and provide glimpses ofthe intellectual scene in New York and London during the depression.

News ofSyracuse University Library and of Library Associates Post-Standard Award Citation, 1998, for David H. Starn Post-Standard Award Citation, 1999, for Dorothea P. Nelson Post-Standard Award Citation, 2000, for Kathleen W Rossman Recent Acquisitions: Thomas Moore Papers Kat Ran Press (Michael Russem) Margaret Bourke-White Photographs.


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