Courier 1959, no. 1

Syracuse University. Library Associates, Syracuse University. Library Associates


Like all publishing ventures, this modest periodical is a venture of faith. We hope that it will bring its readers a sense of the signifi~ant growth in the quality of our University Library and of the vital role it plays in our program of higher education. As an organization the Library Associates is less than five years old. In this brief period, however, we have seen the doubling of annual expenditures for the purchase of books and periodicals and an almost explosive change in the number of gifts to the Library and the quality of library services to the faculty, students, and the general public. In a university of steadi,ly improving quality an adequate library is, of course, a moving target. But it has long been clear that we must have a new building and that we should plan for a library collection of at least a million volumes. Only a very aggressive and ambitious program can assure "a library adequate for the standing of this University." The purpose of the Library Associ,ates is to interest everyone we can in the progress and support of the Library. The Cou'fier is published in the hope that the story of our Library needs will be better known. vVe shall, however, also report on new developments in the Library under the able and dynamic leadership of Dean Yenawine and, as space permits, on interesting books and ideas. We hope you will like the Courier and we shall appreciate it if you will call it to the attention of your friends. We are confident that the more you know about the Library the greater will be your desire to help it grow. We are hopeful that it will also increase your sense of pride and achievement in the things that matter most in human history and that continue to add breadth and depth to the meaning of life for each of us.