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deterministic communication-efficient algorithms, random data access, coarse-grained parallel machines




Computer Sciences


This paper describes deterministic communication-efficient algorithms for performing random data accesses with hot spots on a coarse-grained parallel machine. The general random access read/write operations with hot spots can be completed in Clanip (+ lower order terms) time and is optimal and scalable provided n _> O(pa+p2r/l) (n is the number of elements distributed across p processors, r is the start-up overhead and 1/It is the data transfer rate). C is a small constant between 3 and 4 for the random access write operation, slightly higher for the random access read operation. Monotonic random access reads/writes can be completed with smaller constants and are optimal for smaller n as well. The random access read/write operations provide the framework for the communication-efficient simulation of CREW and CRCW PRAMs on a coarse- grained distributed memory parallel machine. A companion paper [24] deals with the problem of performing dynamic permutations.



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