Many of the approaches to stopping the growth of the drug problem have been based on two conflicting theories centered around supply and demand concepts. The United States, in supporting a supply-based approach, has aimed many of its drug programs toward the eradication of the narcotics trade, mainly in marijuana, cocaine and heroin, at the source, mostly Third World countries. The drug-producing countries, however, advocate a demand- oriented solution where the objective is to wipe out demand by rehabilitating drug users, thus eliminating the need for the supply. A third solution is now emerging, one that focuses on another aspect of trafficking that controls both supply and demand - money. Government officials are realizing that the lure of huge cash profits keeps the drug world well-populated and economically secure. Therefore, the development of law enforcement tools to attack the illegal profits of drug trafficking can be more effective than trying to regulate the source or the market for drugs. Seizing a drug operation's profits and assets has proven to be more effective in shutting down the operation than simply putting the trafficker in jail.





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