Question Answering: CNLP at the TREC-2002 Question Answering Track

Anne R. Diekema, Utah State University
Jiangping Chen, Syracuse University
Nancy McCracken, Syracuse University
Necati Ercan Ozgencil, Syracuse University
Mary D. Taffet, Syracuse University,

Additional authors listed in the paper


This paper describes the retrieval experiments for the main task and list task of the TREC-2002 question-answering track. The question answering system described automatically finds answers to questions in a large document collection. The system uses a two-stage retrieval approach to answer finding based on matching of named entities, linguistic patterns, keywords, and the use of a new inference module. In answering a question, the system carries out a detailed query analysis that produces a logical query representation, an indication of the question focus, and answer clue words.