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e-commerce, China, technology infrastructure, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, banking, insurance



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E-commerce diffusion has apparently taken different paths in different nations. This is partially because of the significant implications of national technology and the political and economic environments for e-commerce adoption. In this paper, both the diffusion and the impacts of ecommerce in China are examined based on the results of a large-scale survey conducted in 10 countries, including China. The survey focused on three sectors – manufacturing, wholesale/retail, and banking/insurance. The paper also compares the Chinese case with the global trend drawn from the 10-country survey. Findings lead to the conclusion that Chinese firms have started to build up e-commerce technology infrastructure and to create a web presence. However, they fall behind in conducting actual e-commerce transactions mostly because of barriers in business, legal, and cultural perspectives that fail to accommodate the technology progress. In addition, the three surveyed sectors, manufacturing, wholesale/retail, and banking/insurance, appear to follow quite different paths in adopting e-commerce. There are also differences between large firms and SMEs regarding e-commerce diffusion strategies and impacts.


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