Assessment in LIS Education

Megan Oakleaf, Syracuse University
Karin de Jager, University of Cape Town


In recent years, librarians, regardless of the type of library in which they work, have become increasingly focused on evaluation and assessment. There are a number of motivations for this shift: a need to improve the quality of services offered, a respond to calls for accountability, a push to position the library as more of an institution player, a sincere desire to support the institution player, a sincere desire to support the institutional mission and vision statements. As a result, more and more librarians are adding assessment responsibilities to their job duties many of whom have no formal training in both evaluation and assessment. This panel will differentiate between evaluation and assessment, with a greater emphasis placed on assessment. The purpose of the panel, composed of LIS educators, is to discuss what some educational programs are covering. What assessment skills are library and information science schools teaching students to prepare them for the workforce? What assessment skill sets are emerging? This panel of LIS educators will discuss LIS student learning outcomes, assignments, and courses designed to prepare the next generation of LIS professionals for their assessment responsibilities.