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Fall 11-29-2022


trauma, urban, library, librarianship




Institute of Museum and Library Services

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Firstly, thank you to the various partners for this project - The New York Library Association (NYLA), St. John’s University, and the current and past board members of Urban Librarians Unite. As well as the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) for providing funding for this project (RE-246392-OLS-20).

Next, thank you to all of our participants at the various stages of the study. Without your vulnerability and bravery, this project would not have had its depth, truth, and change-making power. Special thanks to our forum participants: Amelia Eckles, Andrea Lemoins, Becky Maguire, Carry Blunt, Casey Landau, Christiana Parish, Elizabeth Portillo, Emerson Lane, Emily Collier, Heather Boothby, Jessie Rodriguez, Kate Schiavi, Khyra Lammers, Krystal Smith, Linde Furman, Liz Baldwin, Mary Mink, Melbourne Delancy, Rakisha Kearns-White, Rivkah Sass, Samantha Gordano, Sarah Preskitt, Simone Wellington, Theosa Hoeld, Tor Loney, Virginia Wescott -who spent three days with ULU imagining a better library world. This project would not have existed without you.

Finally, thank you to the facilitators Brynna Tucker and Djaz F Zulida, along with the research fellows Marissa Caico, Phyllis Heitjan, Alain Laforest, Shauna Modrow, Jack O’Malley, Darien Ostrander, Alexandra Pucciarelli, and Carlos Rodriguez. Thank you for your support, help, and ideas.


Library and Information Science


The Urban Libraries Trauma Study (ULTS) conducted by Urban Librarians Unite (ULU) examines trauma that urban public library workers experience in the workforce through their work with the public and interlibrary relationships. Drawing on interviews, focus groups, and a trauma forum, this paper discusses the problem of trauma in the library. It demonstrates a grounded way to engage library staff in research and change. Finally, this paper concludes with ideas proposed by the forum participants to begin addressing trauma in the library workplace and provide areas to look to going forward.

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