Power Places: A conflation of practices Architecturizing Fable and Game

Lisa Chan


This thesis proposes a new ludodromic methodology for the production of a revived range of hacktivist spaces in the historic district of Kuala Lumpur— architectural development as mass multi-player platform that transcends the virtual into reality. Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, was picked as a laboratory to test a series of ludodromic interventions. An ongoing scandal involving the Prime ministers embezzling billions of tax dollars has caused ripples of discontent among the populace to erupt in protests and demonstrations. Government media control and censorship of has caused various counter-narratives to arise, manifesting in a backlash of protests and demonstration that culminated in the Bersih 4.0 protests in August last year, uniting hundreds of thousands of Malaysians in the capital, and diaspora in cities around the globe to raise their voices in a call for political reform. Public space in Kuala Lumpur is historically and contemporarily laid out as a game-board for those in power— arenas for spectacles of nationalistic and racial agendas. This project is situated primarily on the Independence square of Kuala Lumpur, and this thesis wishes to engage the populace with public space in the city through counter-narrative tools to evoke participatory democracy based upon models of popular assembly.