Neo-Classicism in the Twentieth Century: A Study of the Idea and Its Relationship to Selected Works of Stravinsky and Picasso

Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Art and Music Histories


Aubrey S. Garlington

Subject Categories

Arts and Humanities


Stravinsky and Picasso are often linked together as the most outstanding contributors to a 'neo-classicism' peculiar to the twentieth century. Sir Herbert Road, for example, cited a parallelism in stylistic development which dated from their collaboration in Pulcinella (1919/20). And Andre Coeuroy argued that definite stylistic and aesthetic similarities between the works of the two artists could be traced directly to the ballet. ... ,.. the problem which arises here is locating and identifying the precise nature of the similarities which have led so many critics to conclude that Picasso and Stavinsky were striving for the same ideals -- that they were, in fact, pursuing a common style.


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