Despite a sound political and economic outlook, Mexico’s international image has been on a roller coaster ride. After years of downward spiral, the Mexican moment has again raised expectations. However, structural and systemic factors hamper Mexican public diplomacy at a time when keeping that positive momentum is critical for the country’s national interests. The systemic challenge for all emerging nations derives from widespread confusion and uncertainty regarding future power shifts and dynamics. Whether the world is to be multilpolar, nonpolar, or interpolar, public diplomacy will play an important role in accomplishing foreign policy objectives. Unlike other emerging countries, Mexico has unique historical and geopolitical considerations that can hamper its public diplomacy, or serve as catalysts for sustained growth. Considering Mexico’s unique circumstances, two tracks are suggested for public diplomacy in the coming order: one specifically for the United States and one for the rest of the world. In both cases, the Mexican population must participate in the dialogue and connect its own well-being to Mexico’s international reputation.





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