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Summer 2020


counterfeit drugs, pharmaceuticals, Benin, insurance, drug consumption, underground economy


Despite the threat counterfeit drugs represent to health and the government’s endeavor to discourage their consumption, some people in Benin still prefer buying medicine in the underground economy. This research purported to understand the causes of the phenomenon. The research method used a survey of a sample of sixty-eight people randomly selected at Cotonou, a city with a population representative of Benin general population status regarding socio-economic conditions. The data about people's habits regarding drug consumption, monthly income, insurance coverage, and reasons why people chose to buy counterfeit medicines were collected and analyzed using Excel Spreadsheet. The analysis of those data suggested that the main contributing factor to counterfeit drugs consumption is financial limitations. Other significant causes are drug shortages or stock-out in pharmacies as well as limited knowledge of risks.


Community Health | Insurance | Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmaceutical Economics


Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the U.S. Department of State

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This work has been created with support from the Institute of International Education (IIE)/Fulbright - English for Graduate Students Program.

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