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Shopping Malls, Google Reviews, Foursquare Tips, Digital Data, City Plans


City planners conduct surveys and interviews with local people to understand public views, expectations, issues, and needs while planning a region, settlement, neighborhood, or small parcel. However, these on-site and real-time studies can take a long time to understand the whole situation, and, in some cases, researchers can not include all people or can choose the wrong sample group. Besides these time-consuming efforts, there are many digital resources to collect and analyze to understand a place and the reasons for its transformation in a short period. This study collected Google Reviews and the Foursquare Tips. The purpose of the online reviews research is to reveal the reasons behind the transformation process. Google Reviews was taken through Outscraper and Foursquare Tips were taken through Foursquare Developer interface. Sentiment analyses were conducted over the years to find out how people's views have changed. To test this analysis method, closing or transforming shopping malls were chosen around the city of Syracuse. These shopping malls as abandoned and mostly asphalt-covered greyfields can tell a different story with general assumptions and city planners try to figure out the background reasons and possible outcomes of these transformations. Therefore, digital data stands in a place, where it can add more value than expected. Great Northern Mall was selected to analyze the case of shopping malls since it is the only one still surviving and functioning as a shopping mall. 2628 online reviews were collected and analyzed with sentiment analysis. Key findings reveal that people feel sadness and misery about the shopping mall and wish the place to be the same as it was before. If there were more comments, more near-accurate results could have been obtained.


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