Near-Real-Time Cloud Auditing for Rapid Response

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Conference Document


Spring 3-26-2012


auditing, cloud computing, monitoring, rapid response, security




Electrical and Computer Engineering | Library and Information Science | Other Electrical and Computer Engineering


Due to the rapid emergence of Information Technology, cloud computing provides assorted advantages to service providers, developers, organizations, and customers with respect to scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and availability. However, it also introduces new challenges and concerns, especially in terms of security and privacy. One of the major security obstacles to widespread adoption of cloud computing is the lack of near-real-time auditability. In particular, near-real-time cloud auditing, which provides timely evaluation results and rapid response, is the key to assuring the cloud. In this paper, we discuss security and privacy concerns in cloud computing and the current status of cloud auditing efforts. Next, we address the strategies for reliable cloud auditing and analyze the deficiencies of current approaches. We then discuss the summary of our case study with Amazon CloudWatch, which is one of the most developed cloud-monitoring APIs.

Additional Information

Primary author is with School of Information Studies (iSchool). This paper appears in: Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops (WAINA), 2012 26th International Conference on


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