Judy Zanin

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)




Anthony Salatino

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Arts and Humanities


This document is intended to describe the directorial process of producing Fool for Love, by Sam Shepard, from selecting a play, choosing a cast, working with designers and production staff, to directing. Central to the process is the development of effective communication between director and staff involved in the production, including how to rationalize directorial decisions and to succinctly present that information. It is the director who is responsible for the concept of the show's thematic material to be encompassed on the stage as a whole. Above all, the playwright and the script are what should be attended to, and it is the director's responsibility to make sure that she is always looking back at this original document, taking care that she is doing justice to what was originally written. Fool for Love, in particular, addresses the pact implicit between family members. In this text, the pact is, essentially, destructive, and the characters must ultimately make a conscious choice to remain within the pact or destroy it. This document explores the relationship between the characters and the director who brings them to life on the stage. This document also addresses the daily responsibilities of a director and how these daily routines must combine to create a product faithful to the text and the audience.


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