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Onondaga County, community indicators


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Onondaga County strives to be a sustainable community where every decision is determined on the interdependence and integration of economic vitality, social equity, and environmental stewardship. We are a community of people of many colors, ethnicities, ages, religious affiliations, and economic levels. We take pride in the place where we live, work, play, and raise a family. Our basic creed is Be+ (be positive).

The Onondaga County Community Indicators Report is a snapshot of Greater Syracuse, portraying trends of the time and opportunities for the future. Community Indicators 2010 measures where we are advancing as a community and where we are not. This report is intended to stimulate public discussion to find solutions to critical challenges while celebrating our accomplishments. Members of the Community Benchmarks class at Syracuse University's Maxwell School collected the data over a period of a semester. Carol Dwyer, Director of the Community benchmarks Program, teaches the class. She supervised the data compilation. FOCUS Greater Syracuse and the Community Benchmarks Program are partners for this report.


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