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Fall 2006


child care, Syracuse, transportation, Child Care Solutions




Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration


This study examines the role of transportation for families with children enrolled in child care in Syracuse, New York. The focus of this report is 10 child care centers registered with Child Care Solutions of Onondaga County. The 10 centers were selected because 80% of the children enrolled are part of the federal free or reduced price lunch program. Child Care Solutions wanted to focus on this population because it has particular concern about enrollment in centers serving low-income children. One large inner-city center closed last spring due to lack of enrollment, a second came close to closing, and there are reports of low enrollment in at least two others. This concerns Child Care Solutions because it hopes to retain center-based care as an option for low-income parents. Transportation was selected as a point of focus for the study because of concerns that an inability to access transportation to child care centers may be causing the low enrollments (Peggy Liuzzi, personal communication, November 13, 2006). This report is created by researchers from the Community Benchmarks Program (CBP) of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. The study was requested by Peggy Liuzzi, Executive Director of Child Care Solutions.


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