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The Beads of Athribis, Middle Egypt: an Overview after 10 Years Excavation

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It was in 2012 that the University of Tübingen started the proper excavation of the temple of King Ptolemy XII at Athribis. This temple was reused for many years during the Late Roman (Coptic) and medieval (Islamic) periods until its destruction between the mid-10th and the mid-11th century. During that time the temple was filled with debris and rubbish, and several rooms were temporarily used as animal pens. Beside a variety of objects such as wood, fabrics, and coins, we found hundreds of beads, several pendants, and other jewelry like horn bracelets, bronze rings, and hair needles. We have started to classify the beads in order to produce a catalog of all the jewelry as a basis for further in-depth research.

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