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flow through porous media, external flows, mass transfer, heat transfer, boundary layers, permeability, numerical analysis


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The problem of determining the Nusselt number N, the nondimensional rate of heat or mass transfer, from an array of cylindrical particles to the surrounding fluid is examined in the limit of small Reynolds number Re and large Peclet number Pe. N in this limit can be determined from the details of flow in the immediate vicinity of the particles. These are determined accurately using a method of multipole expansions for both ordered and random arrays of cylinders. The results for N/Pe^1/3 are presented for the complete range of the area fraction of cylinders. The results of numerical simulations for random arrays are compared with those predicted using effective-medium approximations, and a good agreement between the two is found. A simple formula is given for relating the Nusselt number and the Darcy permeability of the arrays. Although the formula is obtained by fitting the results of numerical simulations for arrays of cylindrical particles, it is shown to yield a surprisingly accurate relationship between the two even for the arrays of spherical particles for which several known results exist in the literature suggesting thereby that this relationship may be relatively insensitive to the shape of the particles.

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