Arthur Chukhman

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Burlington, sprawl, amenity infrastructure, connectivity, mixed-use planning, pedestrian access, power lines




Architecture | Urban, Community and Regional Planning


"Amenity infrastructure is an effective form of sustainability that can be applied to multiple scales of architecture. Designing infrastructure to be multifunctional while programming it into an amenity produces not only an efficient space but also brings people and social activity within close proximity to infrastructure. This new relationship between society and infrastructure should be realized through a didactic form of architecture in order to reveal what is normally the hidden framework of the built environment to generate a consciousness for energy consumption and other sustainable principles. In effect this thesis is attempting to address the problems associated with sprawl at the root of the problem - consumer awareness."

'Burlington is in need of a pedestrian path that connects the downtown marketplace to the waterfront at the north. The optimal location for this connection is occupied by inactive power lines that once provided the city with power from the Moran Electrical Plant. Instead of removing this historic infrastructure, I propose to reinvent it into a multifunctional amenity for the city by integrating it with small shops and public services that form a staircase down to the waterfront. If designed didactically the structure could be an interface to the history of the redevelopment of the waterfront from industrial to recreational."

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Advisors: Timothy Stenson / Julia Czerniak

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