Jaifer Sultan

Document Type

Thesis Prep


Fall 12-2022


interdependency, Station Nord, North Pole, library design, Greenland, Bode, library, symbiotic, Earth-library, juxtaposition, universe




Architectural Technology | Architecture


The thesis is an exploration of the symbolic relationship between Earth and the Moon through the conceptualization of two libraries, one on Earth and one on the Moon, are to be formally expressed through a mitosis-like interdependency, where both libraries are in constant architectural dialogue with each other despite their separation which occurred some time ago.

The thesis positions itself in the architectural discourse through the rigorous stud and analysis of the library typology throughout history, to both symbolize meaning and ritualize one's experience of acquiring knowledge. This understanding of the library typology will be tackled through the cataloging of various crucial libraries throughout the history of the discipline, a catalogue that studies structural, programmatic, circulation, and bookshelf systems of these projects. From this analysis, the conceptualization of a terrestrial and lunar library in a dance can be explored, achieved, and heightened.

The Earth site chosen is the research facility of Station Nord, a site near a North Pole that is also the northeastern most point of Greenland-- a site on a cliff isolated from civilization, one that sits at the edge of the world. The lunar site on the 59th parcel on the Earth-facing side of the Moon. The site is located near the crater "Bode". This site allows for a centered position of the lunar-library that is in constant dialogue with the surface of the Earth.

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