(im)PERMANENT landform built: the edge between "natural" and MAN-MADE

Katharina Hoerath, Syracuse University

Advisors: Martin Haettasch / Larry Bowne


"I believe that the paramount interconnectedness between architecture and site should become apparent when examining the theoretical constructions, physical, metaphysical, and sensual dimensions. Having chosen the sites at two different threshold of erosion (Matterhorn and Holderness Coast), I claim that the gray zone between “natural” and man made needs to be addressed in an intriguing way to create an aesthetic form responding to landform change over time. This thesis offers an opportunity to contextualize past events and to provoke and imagine something new. Architecture as the permanent, solid element determines the edge towards the solidifying landform. Moreover, this topic provides a great possibility to design an architecture that ties the past with the future in a scientific, humanistic, and artistic way.