Shangkun Zhong

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Thesis, Senior




Spring 5-2023


sustainable system, renewable energy, Tibet, waste management, recycling, technology, industrial waste, infrastructure




Architectural Engineering | Architectural Technology | Architecture | Environmental Design | Urban, Community and Regional Planning


This project aims to create a sustainable system that addresses waste management issues in urban areas by examining the functionality of recycling infrastructures and how they can be integrated. The system will absorb waste and convert it into renewable energy to support a field station in Tibet, where self-sustainability is critical, due to the remote location. Architects often demonstrate their understanding of sustainability through various means such as integration, passive/energy-saving, and natural architecture. This thesis argues that a sustainable system such as CopenHill, can exemplify the combination of green-manifested design and recycle content as a sustainable cycle that supports human-nature interaction.

The project's focus on the field station's sustainable infrastructure aims to support a self-sustainable and comfortable life for the people researching and working in the area. The design of the field station is actively responding to the natural conditions in the remote no-man's land in Tibet. By leveraging the site's unique features and exploring how sustainable systems can be integrated with the natural environment, the project demonstrates how these systems can be extended beyond urban areas and into remote locations. The selection of materials and program strategizing will play a crucial role in determining the success of sustainable infrastructure integration into nature. These details will be reiteratively tested to ensure the sustainable system's efficacy.

The project's approach to sustainable infrastructure integration with nature takes into account the site's natural conditions and seeks to create a self-sustaining and comfortable life that complements the research activities. This project's focus on sustainability is crucial given the pressing environment concerns, along with rapid technological and industrial advancement.

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Thesis Group: Achitectured: Material in Architecture and Structure



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