Mackenzie Lubin

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Thesis, Senior






Spectacle, Design Process, Urban Case Studies, Theater District NYC, Times Square, Radicalization, Social Reform, Urban Design, NYC




I cannot express enough thanks to my friends, faculty and, family for their continued support with my thesis: Joel Kerner; Brian Lonsway; Mark Linder; Britt Eversole; and Tara Pearson. I offer my sincere appreciation for their encouragement and for providing me a wealth of rich information. The completion of this project would not have been possible without the unconditional support of my fellow colleagues and classmates. To Abby, Ashley, Austin, Emily, Michael, Supreetha and Sean— thank you for all of your kindness and tenderness during this time.

My warmest regards.


Architecture | Urban, Community and Regional Planning


My thesis, entitled Radicalization of the Spectacle, explores the intersection between the urban conditions of New York City, Times Square, and the notion of radicalization. The term ‘radicalization’ refers to an extreme change in worldly affairs. This term is critical in understanding my view of architecture, as it suggests architecture must formatively react to changes in culture, climate, politics, etc. Moreover, the term ‘radical’ is aggressively progressive and favors social reform performance, adding an urgency for new ideas to form. Secondly, the term ‘Spectacle’ refers to a visually and spatially arresting event that is dramatic in occurrence. The act of the spectacle is meant to captivate its viewer, providing a sense of awe and unfiltered stimulation. More specifically, through the parallel exploration of Radicalization and the Spectacle, social activism, art, and performance will become one.

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