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Spring 5-8-2018


information age, urbanism, Foxconn technology, ludicrous situations, architecture






Suicide normal absurdity Foxconn utopia is a study of modern architecture and urbanism in the information age. It posits that the metropolis spectacle that can be infinitely extended as a sprawling and systematic intervention. Snafu narrates the spectacle of high-efficiency in the Shenzhen and Hong Kong region, as represented by the existing Foxconn technology group in the Longhua campus. This manufacturing panorama is utopian. It consists of normal and all-inclusive phenomenon for each occupant in the form of productive cell that is embedded within an efficient coordinated system. Additionally, the standardization, optimization and hierarchical manipulation formulated by snafu generates a city that is detached from its surroundings and that frames individuals by social exclusion. Our work is manifested via “Ludicrous Situations” established as stories that elaborate on a citizen’s daily routine. It seeks to reveal abnormal architectural situations and the alienation of citizens. Our design starts with the following hypothesis: if Foxconn’s absurdity is expanded on its own autonomous territory as an architectural intervention, it will transform projections of individual cases into the generic design of a high-efficiency city.

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Jonathan Louie

Daniele Profeta

Mitesh Dixit


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