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Spring 2019


mass media, Renaissance Period, urban fabric, architectural fragments, fantasy park, space, architectural promenade






In the book Privacy and Publicity, Beatriz Colomina (1994) states that with the development of railways and photography, travel culture - as the beginning of mass media - has changed the relationship between people and urban space, making the place into non-place. Place then becomes a commodity to be consumed by the masses, breaking the relationship between people and urban space into fragments, replacing the linear relationship that existed in the Renaissance period.

Moreover, with the beginning of mass media, advertising architecture has had a significant influence on the urban fabric and on the relationship between people and the urban environment. Movie theater, office, and stadium are chosen as three typologies to explore architectural fragmentation since they all play the part of an icon in the urban environment, and of selling dreams and imagination to the public.

Because of its capacity to express urban complexity through collision, and discontinuity and continuity in the architectural promenade, montage is treated as a tool for analyzing architectural fragmentation. Montage enables the analysis of fragments and the reconstruction of the "new" from the existing.

By delaminating Kiesler's primary elements - digital and lighting - the extraction of each function is a catalyst in the formation of a "fantasy" park created inside the AT&T building in order to encourage people to interact with space.

By using the camera and screen, the fantasy park attempts to use object/subject fantasy, alternative reality, cinesthetic subject and augmented/virtual reality to test the modes of reality. By doing this, the fantasy park attempts to redefine the relationship between people and space in order to stimulate interaction between people and space, leading to a re-appreciation of architecture and the urban context .

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