Ariel Minelli

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Thesis, Senior




Spring 2014


Temporality, Emergence, Permanence, Hybridity, Istanbul, Pazari, Legitimacy, Minelli






The structure is a formal response to the emergent occupation of space at the Kadikoy Sali Pazari. The project generates a permanence for a threatened temporal entity, while creating a system of temporal occupation that reprograms the unbuildable space of the existing site. The tactics and systems employed are largely drawn from the embedded intelligence of Istanbul's temporary markets and the quasi-legality of the cities rapidly expanding gecekondu communities.

The existing test site is a once displaced weekly market in the Kadikoy district. It's original home was a 30 minute walk to the south in the historic center. This location fell prey to the larger development trends of the city that overturns community institutions and public spaces to both keep pace with the explosive expansion and as a moneymaking system. In this case the expansion of a nearby football stadium and subsequent development plans left the 40 year old institution of a market without a home. This move disjoined the market from its networked links to the urban fabric in downtown Kadikoy into a new market zone isolated in an enclosed parking lot. Due to the bi-weekly nature of the market, the site remains bare for all but Tuesdays and Fridays. The rapid turnover of the neighborhood pressured by rapid growth, places the market at an elevated risk.

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Thesis Advisers: Sarosh Anklesaria, Julie Larsen, Susan Henderson

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