Alumni Career Conversations with Rich Granoff and Garland deGraffenried


Rich Granoff
Garland deGraffenried

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Spring 2-3-2021


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In a session moderated by Dean Speaks, Rich Granoff from Granoff Architects and Garland deGraffenried from SHVO will discuss the area of “Real Estate Development” and address such topics as:

  • What changes have they seen to projects within the development space over the past few months?
  • What other changes are expected and what does that mean for the industry?
  • What will job and internship prospects look like for 2021?


  • Rich Granoff graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1984. He is the Founder and Managing Principal of Granoff Architects in Greenwich, CT. Rich started his career with David Rockwell in New York City, working on many large restaurant and residential design projects. Subsequently, Rich worked with interior designer Gerald Luss, managing commercial design projects and Marigold Real Estate managing the development of luxury homes. His work has been featured on programs such as Good Morning America, High Net Worth, and MTV Cribs. Rich is an engaged contributor to the Syracuse Architecture Advisory Board.
  • Garland deGraffenried is a 2009 graduate of the B.Arch program at Syracuse University. He began his development career in 2010 with Alloy where he led the design, planning, and project management of several luxury residential buildings in Brooklyn. Prior to joining SHVO, he was at DDG leading design-driven residential developments in NYC and Miami. In addition to holding the position of Managing Director at SHVO, he is also board president of a nonprofit organization that supports students in need within the design industry.



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