Paul Miller

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Spring 2009

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Jonathan Lott

Second Advisor

Mark Robbins


Lobbyists, Architecture and Politics, architecture thesis book

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There have been many projections of a utopian society where all should have access to humanity's total body of knowledge. With that knowledge, the people would be granted power: But in fact, not many have access to the kind of knowledge that produces power; and many who do don't know how to use it. Knowledge is only power if you control it.

In Washington D.C., a priviledged group of political consultants, the lobbyists, have slowly and steadily gained a tremendous amount of power through their control of information needed by private citizens, corporations, and elected officials. Always the middleman, the lobbyist constantly mediates the party that wants something and the other that can give it to them.

Currently housed in generic office space near K Street, there is no architectural presence of the lobbyists where they do most of their business. More than two miles from the Capitol building, they make their home far from where power is represented in Washington. The lobby proposes to physically plug these middlemen into the system they alreadty have much control over; simultaneously giving them presence, acknowledging their access, and revealing their control.


Paul Miller received a B.Arch degree from Syracuse University. His thesis was voted an Outstanding Thesis for 2009.

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