Architecture Thesis, 2009-Elizabeth Quick: MIL_CIV immersive surface

Elizabeth Quick

Elizabeth Quick's thesis was voted an Outstanding thesis for 2009


The pervasive proliferation of complex tracking systems such as GPS and simulation gaming environments such as Full Spectrum Warrior are transforming the built environment into an immersive 1:1 map where all flows and transactions are measured, monitored, and tracked. The gap between map and real experience disappears resulting in an immersive map. The spatial implications of this real time 1:1 immersive map creates an opportunity for architecture itself to monitor, track, and measure flows and transactions. This tracking and simulation agenda plays out specifically in the design of a surface that integrates military training, military artifacts, and civilian recreation into the MIL_CIV surface that modulates due to games, time of day, season, and participants acting on the site.